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Prestige Couture is all about custom designed clothing for you. This provides you with the opportunity to have a great designer create something that has never been seen before exclusively for you that is also custom fitted. Never worry again about how something fits or if you will meet your clone at your next get together. And if this is your special day, relax and know you’re wearing exactly what you want and nobody else has it or even can get it!

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Emmy Review

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Prestige Couture at the 2013 Emmy Awards

One of my customers had a chance to walk the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Award in Hollywood. We created a special dress just for this event and it was a great success. Rather than explain it myself, why not just read for yourself how she felt about the experience. Just click on the picture of her notecard to me. And naturally, I’m posting a picture of Lenise with Bruno from Dancing with the Starts as soon as I get it!



Prestige Couture at Justin Timberlake’s Wedding

One of my customers was attending the Justin Timberlake / Jessica Biel Wedding in Italy and needed help with a dress for the occasion. I am always honored to help ladies that are attending such events. And unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take pictures of it because she had people helping her finish all of the last minute details. But Prestige Couture had a dress at that event.
So no matter what event you are attending, let me help you look the best possible for your special occasion.