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Nadia Goodwin

Nadia began her career earning her Bachelor Degree from the Ural State Teacher University in the field of Language where she majored in foreign languages. In fact, English isn’t her first or even second language as French was her major study. “I really enjoyed studying the history and culture of France and how it influenced the culture of Europe”.

Perhaps it was this first interest in all things French that led Nadia to take an even deeper interest in both fashion and fashion design. It wasn’t long before she knew this was her passion and thus began her career as a fashion designer. Today Nadia has been creating clothing for women of all ages and cultures. Her European background brings a unique view to what women wear and how best to help them create their own special look no matter what the occasion.

Nadia has traveled around the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and even some remote countries such as Papua New Guinea. She has always been interested in “folk costumes” from different cultures and she always is interested in bringing elements of these cultures into modern clothing when possible and appropriate.

However Nadia is currently most well known for her work in creating ballroom dance costumes for professional dancers. She is highly renowned in the Central Florida Region by Ballroom Dancers for her creative and beautiful costumes. Nadia often tells her clients “There is no limit to the creative fantasy so if you can imagine it, we can create it!”

For the past 20 years Nadia has been creating beautiful evening wear, wedding gowns, and stage wear for professionals and just nice people that appreciate or want custom designed clothing. Today she is also gaining a reputation in the Pageant world with her creative theme costumes that are routinely helping her clients to win awards consistently. “I have always been drawn to helping young people and children pageants are such a wonderful opportunity to help them create truly special costumes that get attention.”

Nadia operates her businesses from several websites and her design studio. You can find out more about her at www.orlandoseamstress.com or search inside facebook for prestige couture.