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Oct 02

Seniors Dancing the Tango

Every time you go on the dance floor you want to be absolutely gorgeous. It is a beautiful sport and everyone tries to be their best. Unfortunately it is not enough to just put on an expensive and sparkly dress. It takes a little more thought when you choose your costume. Even if you have a dress that you paid over $5000 it doesn’t mean that you will look right in it. You must be appropriate! This is always an important thing you have to remember when you get your costume.For many of us it may be difficult to accept

the realities of our bodies at different moments of our life. Unfortunately our bodies become older, thicker, or thinner all the time. And we have to adjust what we are wearing to those changes. Naturally almost everyone wants to be sexier in Ballroom dancing. There is nothing wrong with it. In a dance we develop a love story between a man and a woman and we want to be sexy. But not everyone does it right. How many times have you seen a dancer who is probably around 200 pounds and wears a very open Latin dress that doesn’t look right on her. When I say open it means that there is hardly any fabric on her at all. By itself it is a very beautiful dress with thousands of crystals and it definitely was a very expensive one. But should she wear it? She is not looking even attractive in such an outfit. You just feel sorry for such a person. She could do so much better if she worep something that more covers her body, made especially for her shape. Even if you are all covered you still can be super sexual. When you have any body problems (almost everyone of us) you should consider a custom made dress with an experienced designer.

It is important to be age and body shape appropriate. When you are getting older you can’t wear things that where great on you 20-30 years ago. Of course if in your 50s you live in a gym and don’t remember how a cake tastes and any 20 years old is jealous looking at you then go on and open yourself. And I have some customers like that. Believe me it is not difficult to create something that will make you beautiful even when you are 70 or 80 years old.
The same problem exists with dancing wear for children. Sometimes parents dress them too sexy. Let your child be a child. Their bodies are not designed to be sexy yet. And when a 12 year old dresses in a very open adult dress with very bright makeup you don’t want her to appear as an underage prostitute. Get her a bright beautiful full of fun costume in which she will be adorable but not sexy yet.

What I want to say is to be very careful when you buy, rent or order a new dance costume. Don’t just look at how beautiful the dress is. Be sure that you look right in it. Actually this rule of being appropriate works for everyday life as well. I miss my super short skirts so much!!! But I can’t wear them anymore even if I start to dance and lose those 30 pounds…

In the majority of cases, you don’t need to change your body so much. What you do need is to have the right costume that enhances your appearance and perhaps is designed to hide any imperfections or show your outline in the most flattering way possible. You can do it all when working with a designer that can assist you to create the right outfit and be beautiful and sexy and men will not be able to take their eyes from you!

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