Be Careful Buying Dance Costumes

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Oct 02

Last weekend I went to a dance competition in Orlando to meet one of my customers. I was waiting in the dressing room when two ladies came in. One of them was trying on a Latin dance costume and another one was a seller. It was a not bad looking dress but it didn’t look well at all on that lady. There was no mirror in the room and she couldn’t see herself at all. The sales lady was talking non stop on how great she looked in that dress and that it was absolutely perfect on her. But it was so far from being the truth. Of course the sales lady was only doing her job. And her job is to sell any way possible. The dress was too small and wasn’t made for that lady’s body type. I could see that she felt uncomfortable and always tried to pull a part of that dress down. She was told that it may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but later she would get use to it… I just hope she didn’t buy that dress as it didn’t fit her or look that great. The reason why I am telling you that story is to remind you to be very careful when you are considering to buy a new costume.

When you are ready to buy a ready made dress, PLEASE trust your feelings and do not listen to what you are being told by the sales assistant! Their task is to sell you that dress. However, it is you who will be dancing in it for probably a few years and it represents a serious money investment. Many ladies are not aware that many dresses on the rack are not new even when they are sold in this category. For example it is not unusual for a company to offer professional dancers the use of a costume which will likely be worn for several events and then returned to the company so they may sale it. In some instances, this process is even acknowledge for example when a “Dancing With The Stars” Costume is now being sold. Unfortunately, most ladies will have problems to identify whether a dress is really new or used. While it may appear new on the outside, it is inside that the story is told. This can be seen by an experienced seamstress who can see how the fabric has been stretched at the seams or changes to the internal composition. The point is that a dress has been worn before has been seen before by judges and the public at those events where it was used in a performance. Perhaps the final point is that new dresses are sold at one price level and used dresses are sold at another and you should know whether it is really a new dress.

Even if you decided to buy a used dress that is cheap, I am sorry, but it is still expensive. Some people think that they are getting a great deal paying just $200 – $400 for a costume dress. And this may be true if you are buying it directly from the owner but it is not so likely if purchased from a store or online. Those places need to add many dollars to the dress when they sell it. Usually that dress is almost impossible to wear. And you will find out about it a little bit later. You should be super lucky to pay $200 and get a great deal. In the majority of cases, you are just losing your money. There are many reasons that this is true. For example, the elastic in the dress could be no longer any good, lots of crystals could be missing, or the fabric could be faded, or there are even holes. And when the seams are broken because the thread has deteriorated over time, there is little that can be done to repair it. Unfortunately the crystals that are used on many of these older dresses are not the best quality. And when the dress has acrylic (plastic) crystals, whatever sparkle they may have had is gone because they relied on a special coating or have been scratched and no longer can perform their intended purpose.

Just follow some simple rules when you are buying a dance costume. You have to love it. Not like it but love it absolutely. It has to feel comfortable. Do not compromise with that. Your bra cups must be the right size. Never buy a dress with smaller bra than yours when it is the most beautiful dress you have ever seen. It will always feel and look wrong. When you look in the mirror you should look super good. If you have any suspicions, DO NOT BUY. Don’t listen when a sales assistant is telling you that you look “wow”. It is their job. You must feel “wow” in it. Only then when you have no suspicions at all and you feel happy you can pay for it and enjoy it for several years to come.

I don’t want to tell you not to buy ready dresses. There are a lot of super beautiful and very well executed ones there. Just spend more time picking up the right one for you.

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