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I Love What I am Doing

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When I was a little girl and people asked me what I wanted to be I answered “A Bride“. And not because I wanted to get that huge diamond ring accompanied with a prince charming. I was too little to dream about those things yet:) That was a dream of a super dress. I think many ladies would agree with me that a perfect dress itself is more important for us at some moments than the event for which we wear it.

Later it became my passion to create beautiful dresses. And it wasn’t important if I make it for myself or anyone else. I become a part of that creation expressing myself through it. And it is always a great feeling to see that transformation in a lady when she puts on that dress and her eyes shine and she is happy. Those are very beautiful moments!

There are no limits of what it is possible to create. If budget and time of my customer allows it we can go very far. I usually don’t like to make exact copies of something that my customers bring photos of sometimes. It is always better to create something different. First of all the world is too small and one day you can meet that photo dress. Nobody likes those situations:) And it is much more interesting to have something that nobody saw before and it is only yours.

Several years ago I found something that I absolutely love to do. 90% of my creations are ballroom costumes now. That is a very beautiful world and I am happy to be a part of it through my costumes. Even if they look like evening dresses they are much more in reality. It is a sport costume first of all that must be absolutely comfortable to dance in and it should be extremely beautiful. Every costume is like a puzzle with no rules. I love it! It is great when you love what you are doing and it makes happy your customers and our World becomes even more beautiful!

Oct 02

10 Reasons to Order Your Next Costume from Prestige Couture

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1. A Perfect Fit

Your dress will be custom made for you so everything will follow the natural curves of your body. This means maximum comfort and confidence in knowing that your dress was designed exclusively for your shape.

2. No one Else Has Ever Worn it

You’ll see your dress take form before your very eyes over time from the various dance fabrics that you have chosen. You won’t have to worry that someone has previously worn and covered it in perspiration without it being properly cleaned.

3. Your Choose the Design

You’ll be expertly guided through the design process and can participate as much as you wish in creating your look. On one level, you can choose the fabrics that are going to be used as well as the colors. This includes many details of the dress such as accessories, crystals, feathers, beads, and lace. On a higher level, you can choose the exact style. Here, you might start with a specific dress that you have seen or viewed from the latest dance fashion collections.

4. Show Your Body Exactly How You Want

Many women have parts of their body they want to display and other parts they would prefer to have covered. Because your design is custom made, you’ll be able to control every inch of your body and what is being seen.

5. You Can Control the Cost of Your Dress

By establishing a budget for the dress from the start, your designer will help you to choose the fabrics, crystals and other décor elements to complete the dress.

6. Save 25 to 40% Over the Store Brought Dress

Your dress won’t have been made several years ago and carted from one dance event to another across the country. And it won’t need to include the cost of operating a retail store. Consequently you’ll save money by having your dress created for you.

7. Adjustments After the Sale are Possible

Lost a few pounds and need your dress adjusted? Want to change the look a little? Had an accident and need help? All of these situations are quite common and can be done. We support our customers to the full extent possible and who can do it better than the person who created it?

8. Other Requirements are Possible

Want a matching shirt for your partner? Want to create a dress for ballroom and Latin? Want a dress that can also be used for evening wear? All of these things and more are possible when planned from the beginning as part of the design process.

9. You’ll Have Access to the Latest Fabrics and Crystals that are Available

Your designer will show you swatches of the latest fabrics and you’ll see all of the actual crystals with all possible effects from the leading manufacturers.

10. Not All Costumes are Created Equal

The quality of many store bought costumes isn’t the best. They often use lower quality material which will can cause damage later. Problems include:

  • Losing too many crystals because of low quality glues
  • Seams separating because of improper sewing techniques
  • Fabric tears because of the wrong type of fabric being used

Your costume will be created by a European designer with more than 20 years of experience that has her own trade secrets in how to sew and fashion your costume to look great not only when you buy it for years to come.

Oct 02

Be Careful Buying Dance Costumes

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Last weekend I went to a dance competition in Orlando to meet one of my customers. I was waiting in the dressing room when two ladies came in. One of them was trying on a Latin dance costume and another one was a seller. It was a not bad looking dress but it didn’t look well at all on that lady. There was no mirror in the room and she couldn’t see herself at all. The sales lady was talking non stop on how great she looked in that dress and that it was absolutely perfect on her. But it was so far from being the truth. Of course the sales lady was only doing her job. And her job is to sell any way possible. The dress was too small and wasn’t made for that lady’s body type. I could see that she felt uncomfortable and always tried to pull a part of that dress down. She was told that it may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but later she would get use to it… I just hope she didn’t buy that dress as it didn’t fit her or look that great. The reason why I am telling you that story is to remind you to be very careful when you are considering to buy a new costume.

When you are ready to buy a ready made dress, PLEASE trust your feelings and do not listen to what you are being told by the sales assistant! Their task is to sell you that dress. However, it is you who will be dancing in it for probably a few years and it represents a serious money investment. Many ladies are not aware that many dresses on the rack are not new even when they are sold in this category. For example it is not unusual for a company to offer professional dancers the use of a costume which will likely be worn for several events and then returned to the company so they may sale it. In some instances, this process is even acknowledge for example when a “Dancing With The Stars” Costume is now being sold. Unfortunately, most ladies will have problems to identify whether a dress is really new or used. While it may appear new on the outside, it is inside that the story is told. This can be seen by an experienced seamstress who can see how the fabric has been stretched at the seams or changes to the internal composition. The point is that a dress has been worn before has been seen before by judges and the public at those events where it was used in a performance. Perhaps the final point is that new dresses are sold at one price level and used dresses are sold at another and you should know whether it is really a new dress.

Even if you decided to buy a used dress that is cheap, I am sorry, but it is still expensive. Some people think that they are getting a great deal paying just $200 – $400 for a costume dress. And this may be true if you are buying it directly from the owner but it is not so likely if purchased from a store or online. Those places need to add many dollars to the dress when they sell it. Usually that dress is almost impossible to wear. And you will find out about it a little bit later. You should be super lucky to pay $200 and get a great deal. In the majority of cases, you are just losing your money. There are many reasons that this is true. For example, the elastic in the dress could be no longer any good, lots of crystals could be missing, or the fabric could be faded, or there are even holes. And when the seams are broken because the thread has deteriorated over time, there is little that can be done to repair it. Unfortunately the crystals that are used on many of these older dresses are not the best quality. And when the dress has acrylic (plastic) crystals, whatever sparkle they may have had is gone because they relied on a special coating or have been scratched and no longer can perform their intended purpose.

Just follow some simple rules when you are buying a dance costume. You have to love it. Not like it but love it absolutely. It has to feel comfortable. Do not compromise with that. Your bra cups must be the right size. Never buy a dress with smaller bra than yours when it is the most beautiful dress you have ever seen. It will always feel and look wrong. When you look in the mirror you should look super good. If you have any suspicions, DO NOT BUY. Don’t listen when a sales assistant is telling you that you look “wow”. It is their job. You must feel “wow” in it. Only then when you have no suspicions at all and you feel happy you can pay for it and enjoy it for several years to come.

I don’t want to tell you not to buy ready dresses. There are a lot of super beautiful and very well executed ones there. Just spend more time picking up the right one for you.

Oct 02

Be Appropriate

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Seniors Dancing the Tango

Every time you go on the dance floor you want to be absolutely gorgeous. It is a beautiful sport and everyone tries to be their best. Unfortunately it is not enough to just put on an expensive and sparkly dress. It takes a little more thought when you choose your costume. Even if you have a dress that you paid over $5000 it doesn’t mean that you will look right in it. You must be appropriate! This is always an important thing you have to remember when you get your costume.For many of us it may be difficult to accept

the realities of our bodies at different moments of our life. Unfortunately our bodies become older, thicker, or thinner all the time. And we have to adjust what we are wearing to those changes. Naturally almost everyone wants to be sexier in Ballroom dancing. There is nothing wrong with it. In a dance we develop a love story between a man and a woman and we want to be sexy. But not everyone does it right. How many times have you seen a dancer who is probably around 200 pounds and wears a very open Latin dress that doesn’t look right on her. When I say open it means that there is hardly any fabric on her at all. By itself it is a very beautiful dress with thousands of crystals and it definitely was a very expensive one. But should she wear it? She is not looking even attractive in such an outfit. You just feel sorry for such a person. She could do so much better if she worep something that more covers her body, made especially for her shape. Even if you are all covered you still can be super sexual. When you have any body problems (almost everyone of us) you should consider a custom made dress with an experienced designer.

It is important to be age and body shape appropriate. When you are getting older you can’t wear things that where great on you 20-30 years ago. Of course if in your 50s you live in a gym and don’t remember how a cake tastes and any 20 years old is jealous looking at you then go on and open yourself. And I have some customers like that. Believe me it is not difficult to create something that will make you beautiful even when you are 70 or 80 years old.
The same problem exists with dancing wear for children. Sometimes parents dress them too sexy. Let your child be a child. Their bodies are not designed to be sexy yet. And when a 12 year old dresses in a very open adult dress with very bright makeup you don’t want her to appear as an underage prostitute. Get her a bright beautiful full of fun costume in which she will be adorable but not sexy yet.

What I want to say is to be very careful when you buy, rent or order a new dance costume. Don’t just look at how beautiful the dress is. Be sure that you look right in it. Actually this rule of being appropriate works for everyday life as well. I miss my super short skirts so much!!! But I can’t wear them anymore even if I start to dance and lose those 30 pounds…

In the majority of cases, you don’t need to change your body so much. What you do need is to have the right costume that enhances your appearance and perhaps is designed to hide any imperfections or show your outline in the most flattering way possible. You can do it all when working with a designer that can assist you to create the right outfit and be beautiful and sexy and men will not be able to take their eyes from you!

Oct 02

Haute Couture

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The world of fashion design is discovering a new direction with Haute Couture. And in an environment where luxury is important, Haute Couture is a mark that many wish to reach. It adds an important element to fashion. The history of fashion would never be the same without Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Versace, Valentino, Chanel and many others who have enriched the trade of Haute couture with their excellent works.

The French phrase for ‘High Fashion’ seems to mark the dress code at every big event and parties today including those Red Carpet events which are both televised and carefully scrutinized. So we can say that the combination of ‘haute’, that is, high and ‘couture’, the sewing, must be elegant and contemporary and imply excellence in the artistry of dressmaking.

A wardrobe filled with exclusive designer collection is everyone’s dream. But high fashion comes at a typically high cost. Buying couture garments is not within everyone’s reach. Haute Couture is often affordable only for the top level clientele who can afford expensive designer fashion sold at thousands of dollars.

Depending on the name of the brand or the fashion designer, a couture outfit can cost from about $15000 to $60000 and sometimes more than that. If you think from the artistic point of view it is understandable why the price is so high. The service comprising craftsmanship, originality of design and use of superior quality materials and exclusive colors can only be compensated with that amount.

With creativity at its pinnacle, haute couture involves the application of top quality fabrics and leather. Perfection is achieved by the use of time consuming and meticulous processes of designing, cutting, and sewing keeping in mind the measurement of a client’s figure, body movements and intended use.

Exclusivity is designed and watchfully intertwined into made-to-order dresses flattering the beauty of our super rich celebrities. A high-fashion designer’s dress helps to express the individual’s style statement that makes one stand out among both their peers and others. And that is why from clothing, jewelry and accessories, people who can afford it spend millions of dollars for designer collection that characterizes them in so many ways.

But all that doesn’t mean that you can’t be exclusive too and fill your closet with made just for you beautiful things. A right designer will be happy to work for you creating something absolutely exclusive that will fit your body like your skin and decorate it as a real piece of art. And all that can be reasonably priced. Of course a custom made dress will always be more expensive than one from the rack. Because from the very beginning to the last seam it is made by hand and just for you. And one thing you will never have to worry about is seeing your fashion statement being worn by someone else. And while some of your friends will ask you where you bought it, I am sure you can imagine the power in the simple response, “My personal designer created it.” You even can have a copy of an Haute Couture dress made for you for much less money. And you will go through basically the same process with your designer that celebrities experience with theirs. Try to spoil yourself with some exclusivity!

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Change the Look of your Dance Costume

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Ballroom dance costumes are often very expensive and sometimes very difficult to sell. One solution for this problem is to work with a designer that can take the existing costume and modify it in such a way that it appears that one actually has a completely new costume. This represents a new idea that few dancers are even aware would be possible, but can be done by a talented designer with excellent seamstress skills. There are several reasons that many dancers are not aware of this solution and the benefits can be significant.

The first problem that will be encountered is finding someone that would even be willing to do this type of design change to an existing costume. Ballroom dance costumes are often very expensive garments and most designers certainly prefer to create new costumes that command top dollar when they are sold. While this may be good for the designer, not everyone can afford to buy new, expensive costumes constantly.

The second issue is that many places do not have a designer/seamstress with the skills necessary to both create a new design from the older costume and then perform the sewing and assembly tasks necessary to make the changes.

The third problem is that most dance costumes are not created with a specific person in mind. They are created to be placed on the rack where an interested person will one day decide to buy it. Since the designers are not in direct contact with the buyers, they have no experience in dealing with changes to their costumes once the design and sewing has been completed.

These problems can be considered the normal situation for most ballroom dancers looking to purchase a dance costume. This leads to the problem that all the buyers have, and that is how to sell their used costumes. Dancers often wish to have new costumes because of many reasons that include, the costume is worn out or has suffered the loss of too many crystals, or is no longer in fashion, or they realize they have been seen in it too many times and need something fresh.

Modifying the costume is often an excellent way to solve the problem of the costume being worn out. Specific parts that have been ripped, torn or faded can be replaced as part of the design change. During this change, other part of the costume can be repaired such as replacing lost crystals which is a very common problem.

Fashion problems can often be fixed by completely altering parts of the costume. For example, an entirely new skirt could be inserted that contains different design elements that are in style and gives the costume an entirely new look.

In many cases, much of the cost of the original design is in the top half of the costume. It is here where most of the crystals and other design elements will be placed. These are often very time consuming and expensive details so keeping some of these would make the new design much less expensive. Sometimes it may require altering the back of the dress or removing one sleeve and inserting one made of skin colored spandex that has completely new and interesting designs placed on it. The possibilities are almost endless, but by keeping the main element of the costume, the cost can be substantially reduced from purchasing a new costume.

In other words, instead of purchasing one new costume, a ballroom dancer might be able to change 5 or more of her current costumes in sufficient detail that they appear new with many benefits.

Those benefits certainly include

The repair of the garment and replacement of any missing crystals or other design elements.
A refitting of the costume customized to the owner that can help solve specific problems. For example, sometimes a dancer may have larger breasts than the original costume could easily accommodate. During the alterations, this problem can be resolved in one of several ways.

The appearance of a new costume during dance routines while saving substantial money from the cost of a new costume.

Making the changed costume current with current fashion trends that makes it look both fresh and interesting.
It is important to realize that a typical seamstress does not have the skills to perform such work. The expertise to accomplish these tasks exists almost exclusively with the professionals involved in creating dance costumes. Therefore it is essential to find a dance designer with strong seamstress skills. And as a point of reference, it is strongly advisable to find one that has done this type of work in the past. Make sure you discuss this point in detail or you may find the work isn’t done properly or is delayed because of the inexperience of the person doing it.

Having a dance costume changed into a new design can save a dancer a great deal of money and provide an excellent way for the owner to create a new look for dance routines at a much more affordable price. For more information on this subject, go to www.prestigecouture.com and find out much more.