Are dresses usually of shorter length and worn for non-formal events and earlier in the evening.


If you are looking for a cocktail party dress, it should be something cute and beautiful. And of course, you can buy a dress in a store or online. My only concerns are the quality of those dresses and the fact that everyone has seen those dresses and it is likely your friends will have something very similar.

So by making your own custom dress, you are guaranteed that nobody has seen anything like it before. And of course, it will fit you perfectly because it was designed for your body. So you won’t need any additional alterations once it is done. And of course, you will feel great in it and will be able to use it for many years after that and this dress will always be unique.

My customers will often come back to me and have a funny story to tell because it isn’t so unusual for their friends to demand to know where they got that dress. The story usually begins with the friend saying that she knows where she shops and they don’t have anything like that. Sometimes my customers like to tell their friends that it was custom made by Prestige Couture just for her and sometimes they don’t want to give that secret out. Of course, I always like to have referrals and the truth is that most of my new customers are sent to me by the ladies I have already designed a dress for. But I understand in those moments that keeping that secret can be a fun moment at the party.

I mentioned that I also had a concern about the fabrics that were used in these store bought dresses. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that an expensive designer dress will be much better. Often they are not. And when you custom makes a dress with Prestige Couture, you will begin to understand the differences in fabrics and what a pleasure it is to have a dress made with really high-quality fabric.

So visit Prestige Couture and let me design a custom cocktail dress for your next event.