Ballroom Dance Costumes

Ballroom Dance Costumes that are unique and custom created for you. European designer will create the perfect costume for your dance.

Ballroom Dance Costumes require many unique details to support the dancer. They must be created in such a way as to draw attention to the dancer and will often contain many thousands of crystals. And naturally they must fit perfectly while having an appropriate “give” to stretch as the dancer will often make large movements with their arms and legs to create a graceful and expressive dance. Prestige Couture understand very well what is needed to make all of these small details come together in a beautiful costume that can be worn as frequently as necessary and still look fantastic.

We create custom ballroom dance costumes that will provide perfect fit and comfort to the dancer while getting noticed. In fact we have separate pages for latin/rhythm dance costumes and smooth/ballroom dance costumes.

Although Prestige Couture is primarily a custom dressmaker that creates costumes for an individual order, we also create unique designs that are available on the rack. We understand that sometimes when you need it, you need it now. And not everyone is comfortable with the creation process. They prefer to buy what is made beforehand because they like to see the finish product beforehand. In any case, you’ll find working with Prestige Couture to be an easy process as we understand this is all about you and how to help you look the best possible within the constraints of time and resources that are available. As a result, you’ll find that you have our undivided attention when we are working with you whether that is in person or over the phone.