Country ballroom dancing has become a very popular sport around the country. Even in Orlando there are many people now participating in country ballroom dancing. Prestige couture supports many of these dancers since they also need costumes that are very similar to ballroom dancing costumes at times. If you are unfamiliar with this particular dancesport we have included a video from YouTube for you to take a look at that gives you an ideal of what country ballroom dancing actually looks like. 

One of the reasons that it is very popular is because although it is a form of ballroom dancing it is in fact normally cheaper for its participants to go to a dance studio and obtain license in comparison to a ballroom dancing studio.

We have included just a couple of photos to give you an ideal of what it’s all about however I think the video probably does a much better job of giving you an ideal of the dancesport itself as well as the costumes that are worn during the competitions. If you want to have some fun but find the cost of normal ballroom dance studios to be more than you’re willing to pay you might want to consider taking lessons in the country ballroom.

We currently support country ballroom dancers from around the country. And should you decide to participate, we would certainly be happy to support you as well. Having a custom country costume made for you has, of course, many advantages. First, it is usually much cheaper than buying one off of the rack. Secondly, the costume itself will be designed to fit you perfectly. And there is nothing that will make you more confident than knowing that your costume looks great and fits you extremely well while you are moving on the dance floor. Finally, no one has seen that costume before and that will pique the interest of not only the people watching you but the judges as well. Let us know if we can be of assistance.