Evening Wear

Custom designed evening wear by a European Designer created just for you. Get the perfect look and fit that nobody else has.

Perhaps one of the greatest fears that all women must endure is the thought of meeting another lady in the same dress at whatever even they are attending. And it happens more often than many of us would like to admit and what we don’t know is how many women know exactly what you purchased and where because they tried it on themselves or remember seeing it. The problem of having unique evening wear is sometimes a great challenge for women and the easiest way to overcome it is to have a unique, custom designed dress created for you.

Of course this approach will never compete with finding something on the bargain rack at one of the major department stores. But the cost to create something unique does not have to be frightening. At Prestige Couture, we charge for our time and often this time is involved with the details. So a basic dress is not necessarily that expensive unless your chose of fabric dictates otherwise.

And it can also be a “Wow” dress. Going on a cruise and need something for formal dining? Have a special event and need evening wear that will make a statement? Need something elegant, sophisticated, unique and with specific detail requirements to cover a specific part of your body? Whatever the problem, chances are Prestige Couture can help you to create the perfect dress for your social event, no matter what it is.

As a designer of ballroom dance costumes, I work with some of the best fabrics in the world and can help you to create something stunning or modest as you would prefer. Dancers like to show certain parts of their body but also need to cover other parts that concern them. And my experience with accessories will provide you a way to create real attention without using cheap plastic crystals that you might not otherwise realize say the wrong things about you.
So if you want to create something unique, contact us and let’s discuss how to make your evening wear requirement into something very special.