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Oct 02


The world of fashion design is discovering a new direction with Haute Couture. And in an environment where luxury is important, Haute Couture is a mark that many wish to reach. It adds an important element to fashion. The history of fashion would never be the same without Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Versace, Valentino, Chanel and many others who have enriched the trade of Haute couture with their excellent works.

The French phrase for ‘High Fashion’ seems to mark the dress code at every big event and parties today including those Red Carpet events which are both televised and carefully scrutinized. So we can say that the combination of ‘haute’, that is, high and ‘couture’, the sewing, must be elegant and contemporary and imply excellence in the artistry of dressmaking.

A wardrobe filled with exclusive designer collection is everyone’s dream. But high fashion comes at a typically high cost. Buying couture garments is not within everyone’s reach. Haute Couture is often affordable only for the top level clientele who can afford expensive designer fashion sold at thousands of dollars.

Depending on the name of the brand or the fashion designer, a couture outfit can cost from about $15000 to $60000 and sometimes more than that. If you think from the artistic point of view it is understandable why the price is so high. The service comprising craftsmanship, originality of design and use of superior quality materials and exclusive colors can only be compensated with that amount.

With creativity at its pinnacle, haute couture involves the application of top quality fabrics and leather. Perfection is achieved by the use of time consuming and meticulous processes of designing, cutting, and sewing keeping in mind the measurement of a client’s figure, body movements and intended use.

Exclusivity is designed and watchfully intertwined into made-to-order dresses flattering the beauty of our super rich celebrities. A high-fashion designer’s dress helps to express the individual’s style statement that makes one stand out among both their peers and others. And that is why from clothing, jewelry and accessories, people who can afford it spend millions of dollars for designer collection that characterizes them in so many ways.

But all that doesn’t mean that you can’t be exclusive too and fill your closet with made just for you beautiful things. A right designer will be happy to work for you creating something absolutely exclusive that will fit your body like your skin and decorate it as a real piece of art. And all that can be reasonably priced. Of course a custom made dress will always be more expensive than one from the rack. Because from the very beginning to the last seam it is made by hand and just for you. And one thing you will never have to worry about is seeing your fashion statement being worn by someone else. And while some of your friends will ask you where you bought it, I am sure you can imagine the power in the simple response, “My personal designer created it.” You even can have a copy of an Haute Couture dress made for you for much less money. And you will go through basically the same process with your designer that celebrities experience with theirs. Try to spoil yourself with some exclusivity!

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