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Oct 02

When I was a little girl and people asked me what I wanted to be I answered “A Bride“. And not because I wanted to get that huge diamond ring accompanied with a prince charming. I was too little to dream about those things yet:) That was a dream of a super dress. I think many ladies would agree with me that a perfect dress itself is more important for us at some moments than the event for which we wear it.

Later it became my passion to create beautiful dresses. And it wasn’t important if I make it for myself or anyone else. I become a part of that creation expressing myself through it. And it is always a great feeling to see that transformation in a lady when she puts on that dress and her eyes shine and she is happy. Those are very beautiful moments!

There are no limits of what it is possible to create. If budget and time of my customer allows it we can go very far. I usually don’t like to make exact copies of something that my customers bring photos of sometimes. It is always better to create something different. First of all the world is too small and one day you can meet that photo dress. Nobody likes those situations:) And it is much more interesting to have something that nobody saw before and it is only yours.

Several years ago I found something that I absolutely love to do. 90% of my creations are ballroom costumes now. That is a very beautiful world and I am happy to be a part of it through my costumes. Even if they look like evening dresses they are much more in reality. It is a sport costume first of all that must be absolutely comfortable to dance in and it should be extremely beautiful. Every costume is like a puzzle with no rules. I love it! It is great when you love what you are doing and it makes happy your customers and our World becomes even more beautiful!

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