Pageant Dress

Improve your results with a custom designed pageant dress or costume.

Parents entering children in pageants are always faced with the task of finding the right pageant costumes and this is one area where it would be worthwhile to discuss with an affordable designer. Often you will see some vendors selling their clothing at the pageants but in many cases, these are really low quality pieces that are usually very similar to each other. A better approach is to discuss with Prestige Couture what your requirements are. We have award winning designs that consistently win awards like clockwork. Our experience in creating ballroom dance costumes, wedding gowns, and costumes in general will make a big difference in your design.

Nadia is even a judge at some higher level events and gets to see all of the girls in different age categories and understands the challenge. And naturally there is a price consideration. It just means that you can tell us your budget and we will help you to design the best possible pageant dress within the constraints you have. And because you’re paying for our time, we can even recommend some things you can do yourself to help lower the cost.

Don’t stay in the dark on what is possible. Get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision by discussing your pageant dress requirement.