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Ballroom Dance Costumes

  • Latin Dresses
  • Smooth / Standard Dresses
  • Practice Wear
  • Accessories

Many dancers are learning that they can save a great deal of money by purchasing custom made ballroom dance costumes from Prestige Couture. And doing so has many advantages over purchasing them off of the rack at your next dance competition. In fact, here are ten reasons for you to consider:

Number 1 – Your dress will be custom made for you so everything will follow the natural curves of your body. This means maximum comfort and confidence in knowing that your dress was designed exclusively for your shape.

Number 2 – You’ll see your dress take form before your very eyes over time from the various dance fabrics that you have chosen. You won’t have to worry that someone has previously worn and covered it in perspiration without it being properly cleaned.

Number 3 – You’ll be expertly guided through the design process and can participate as much as you wish in creating your look. On one level, you can choose the fabrics that are going to be used as well as the colors. This includes many details of the dress such as accessories, crystals, feathers, beads, and lace. On a higher level, you can choose the exact style. Here, you might start with a specific dress that you have seen or viewed from the latest dance fashion collections.

Number 4 – Many women have parts of their body they want to display and other parts they would prefer to have covered. Because your design is custom made, you’ll be able to control every inch of your body and what is being seen.

Number 5 – By establishing a budget for the dress from the start, your designer will help you to choose the fabrics, crystals and other décor elements to complete the dress.

Number 6 – Your dress won’t have been made several years ago and carted from one dance event to another across the country. And it won’t need to include the cost of operating a retail store. Consequently you’ll save money by having your dress created for you.

Number 7 – Lost a few pounds and need your dress adjusted? Want to change the look a little? Had an accident and need help? All of these situations are quite common and can be done. We support our customers to the full extent possible and who can do it better than the person who created it?

Number 8 – Want a matching shirt for your partner? Want to create a dress for ballroom and Latin? Want a dress that can also be used for evening wear? All of these things and more are possible when planned from the beginning as part of the design process.

Number 9– Your designer will show you swatches of the latest fabrics and you’ll see all of the actual crystals with all possible effects from the leading manufacturers.

  • The quality of many store bought costumes isn’t the best. They often use lower quality material which will can cause damage later. Problems include:
  • Losing too many crystals because of low quality glues
  • Seams separating because of improper sewing techniques

Number 10– And if that wasn’t enough, did I mention a savings of 25 to 40% of that dress bought off of the rack somewhere? But while the savings is substantial, the many reasons cited above should clearly help you understand why working with a professional designer / seamstress on your next ballroom dance costume is the best way to buy your ballroom dance costumes. In fact there are other very good reasons as well. There is no longer a dance dress store in the Orlando Area. And Prestige Couture will create a system in 2013 for people to buy and sell used costumes. Naturally my customers will receive preferential treatment in that process.

Seriously, when you begin to think about it, buying a ballroom dance costume from anywhere else just doesn’t make sense.