Wedding Gowns

Prestige Couture creates custom wedding gown for women that can be stunning and memorable.

When it comes to your wedding gowns, you want it to be memorable and special, but here are some things you may not realize. The prices at bridal salons can be staggering and unlike the saying, you don’t always get what you pay for. In other words, you can pay a lot of money and not get very much in return. Another little secret of the salons is that they often order large dresses that require a lot of expensive alterations to finally come close to a fit. Sometimes that little details just remains a mystery until you get the bill. But to be fair, one big advantage they have is that you can try on lots of different gowns and see if something really strikes your fancy. Lots of people like that experience.

But if you really want something special and affordable, consider Prestige Couture and what we can offer you. By working with a designer, you’ll get expert advice on how a wedding dress can be created that best fits your style and shape. And because of our experience in creating professional ballroom dancing costumes, we understand how to adorn a wedding gowns with thousands of Swarovski crystals to create a stunning dress that can be both unique and memorable. And here is another little tip that we can suggest to you. Consider having your dress made in components. For example a corset can be made with elaborate accessories that will allow you to wear it for other purposes. And while you may not consider wearing your wedding dress again, wearing your corset again could be both practical and pleasant.

Naturally you’ll also save the cost of alterations that the salons would be charging because your bridal gown would be made exclusively for you and this will ensure a perfect fit. You also will have the opportunity to influence the design as you progress through the fittings. This happens frequently because as you reflect on y our design over time, other possibilities will come to mind and can often be executed as a variation of the original plan.

Finally, color, fabric, style, accessories and overall design are completely changable. This allows you more freedom and the opportunity to really have your wedding gowns to be completely unique; a one of a kind creation that no one else has ever had. Many women like this process once they begin it because it is very personal and you will learn a great deal about how custom clothing is created and chances are, once you have worked with an expert designer such as Nadia, you’ll be glad that such opportunities exist for other clothing needs you may have in the future.